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Entertain your guests with Indian Bollywood Dancers

For many years now the popularity of Bollywood cinema and film stars has grown immensely and so too has the popularity of Indian style party entertainment. The vibrant colours and lively performances of both classical and modern Bollywood dances and songs have made Indian Bollywood themed events one of the fastest growing entertainment arenas in the UK today. Traditionally, many of these dances and songs were part of social celebratory occasions taking place in Indian communities in the Punjab region of India. As time has progressed these dances have become merged with more modern musical technology and have taken their place in modern pop music.

There is however still plenty of interest in more traditional Bollywood dance performances for entertainment purposes. Bhangra, which is perhaps the most popular form of traditional Bollywood dance is a very lively and happy dance form that cannot fail to entertain and amuse guests at any occasion. Many years ago, Bhangra dances and songs were performed to celebrate the harvest season but today it is simply regarded as a celebration dance for all occasions. In the UK Bhangra dancers and other Indian Bollywood dancers are in high demand due to their highly skilled and entertaining performances.

Bhangra dancers have been especially well received due to the level of involvement guests at an event can enjoy by actively joining the dancers on the dance floor. Classical Bollywood dancers, on the other hand, have a unique charm of their own, although classical dance performances are much quieter and more laid back than Bhangra dances they are wonderful to watch and can be enjoyed by any age group. When performing Indian Bollywood dancers dress up in colourful clothing and perform Bollywood song numbers such as Beedi Jalaiya, Mehndi Lagake Rakhna, Sadi Rail Gadi Ayi, and many more. The two dance forms are both thoroughly enjoyed by all party goers of all ages and genders so this perhaps explains why Indian Bollywood dancers are witnessing an increase in popularity of late.

Hiring professional Indian Bollywood dancers in the UK can be a bit nerve-racking as you are relying on these people to entertain your guests and provide an enjoyable experience for your audience. There are many companies in the UK that now claim to provide highly talented and professional Bollywood dancers for every occasion including birthday parties and weddings. Many Indian entertainment companies have also been known to put on special performances for traditional pre-wedding ceremonies such as Mehndi parties. Remember it is your special event so try and take some time out to research the entertainment company before you hire them and where possible ask around for previous users’ opinions and recommendations.

However, one Indian entertainment company can be relied upon when it comes to all your party entertainment needs. Laghan is the UK’s leading provider of entertainment for Indian Bollywood Theme events and Parties. Being the largest Bollywood entertainment provider in the UK Asian community has established Laghan as a reliable and professional company that can meet all your party needs. Our troop of dancers and musicians are all very experienced and talented performers that are guaranteed to make any party a success. Our Indian Bollywood dancers have delivered fabulous performances in the pastand have acquired a huge following and admiration for their work. With performances at the Bally Sagoo Wedding held at Heythorp Park and Nitin Ganatras wedding conducted at Ealing Studios our dedication and professionalism is easy to follow.

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> Bhangra Dancers in the UK

Bhangra is an Indian dance form that has become more popular over the years and is now widely practiced all over the globe. Originating in the Punjab region, Bhangra has today become an integral part of every culture and religion. Traditionally, Bhangra was performed by farmers to celebrate the arrival of the harvest season. In the present era, it has emerged as a dance for every festive occasion. It is a lively form of dance that can be enjoyed by almost every individual irrespective of age or background.

Bhangra dancers perform to the sounds that are produced by the beating of a traditional drum known as the Dhol. In contemporary times, western instruments accompany the dhol as well. Though the Bhangra dance has undergone tremendous modification over the years, it has remained a lively and happy dance form that it is well liked by people from all walks of life. For this reason alone it has made its way to every dance floor. In fact, unless a Bhangra dance is performed an Indian/Asian party seems to be incomplete.

Bhangra dancers are often called upon to liven up a party and Bhangra dancing has become very popular amongst young people in the UK. Many entertainment companies in the UK supply Bhangra dancers for party or event entertainment. These specialist services ensure that your party is entertaining and that all their performers are highly trained professionals. Laghan is a leading Indian entertainment provider in the UK and is one of the largest entertainment services in the Asian community. We cater to the varying needs of all our customers and offer entertainment services for all kinds of parties whether it is a corporate event, children’s party, or a wedding celebration.

Laghan provides world-class entertainment services for very affordable prices. We offer background settings for the party and send our team of entertainers including dancers, singers, musicians, and magicians to make your party special and leave a long lasting impact on your guests. Our team of Bhangra dancers and singers have delivered performances at the prestigious Cobra Good Food Guide Award Ceremony and Asian Business Awards.

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> Bollywood Dancers in the UK

There are many different forms of dance and almost every country and region of the world has traditional forms of dance that are unique to that area. Although over the years other cultures and regions have adopted and changed aspects of these regional dance forms, many countries take great pride in tradition and continue to perform ritual and ceremonial dances. Indian dance forms such as Bhangra have grown in popularity over the years. The expansion of Bollywood into the mainstream entertainment industry has also brought with it traditional Bollywood dances and songs that have now been embraced by countries worldwide.

Bollywood dancers have become popular entertainment forms in the UK due to their colourful and glamorous movements and rhythmic musical accompaniment. Many people are now hiring professional Bollywood dancers to perform and entertain their guests at special functions and occasions. The demand for talented Bollywood dancers in the UK has grown immensely over recent years and there are now numerous Bollywood dance troupes providing party entertainment across the UK.

Hiring Bollywood dancers is an excellent way to bring a bit of colour and lively atmosphere to any event. Contemporary Bollywood dancers will combine both eastern and western choreography, which incorporates a series of different beat patterns and melodies. The beats and melodies of Bollywood musicians are very rhythmic so can be followed easily by your guests should they wish to participate.

Laghan is the largest Asian entertainment service provider in the UK. We have been supplying highly talented musicians, singers, and dancers for entertainment at parties and gala events for many years. For more information on Indian Bollywood dancers and other Indian Bollywood themed events visit our website at

> UK Belly Dancers for Private Party, Event, or Wedding Entertainment

A party cannot really be called a party without dancing. Dancing truly makes celebrations special and one form of that is generating a lot of interest at events and parties is Belly dancing. This exotic Arabic dance originated in the Middle East and was referred to as the oriental dance. Its exact origin is still a mystery but most people believe that belly dancing descended from early forms of Egyptian dance, while others believe that it has been taken from religious dances that were performed to appease the Gods and Goddesses.

Belly dancing has emerged as one of the most beautiful styles of dance in North Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This has led to it being practiced world wide and it is now becoming extremely popular in the UK today. Performed by beautiful female professional dancers, belly dancing is now being performed at Asian themed weddings, private parties and other major events.

Now you can experience a piece of this Middle Eastern culture in the UK by hiring Belly Dancers to add flavour and spice for your private party or event. These belly dancers will be sure to give you and your guests an unforgettable magical night. If you are looking for some good belly dancers in the UK, there are many entertainment avenues you can explore. One of these is the Internet, which serves as an excellent means of hiring the best belly dancers in the UK and here at, it is made even easier.

Laghan is one of the leading Asian entertainment service providers in the UK. We aim to set the mood for party celebrations with a repertoire of exquisite dances including the ancient, beautiful art of belly dance. Our skilled belly dancers are available for both individual and group performances. So do you have a private party, event or maybe an Indian theme wedding coming up? Then look no further. Be sure to visit our website and get more information on hiring the best belly dancers in the UK.

> Famous Bhangra Dancers from Laghan

Bhangra dancing is one of the liveliest forms of dance that originated in Punjab, India. The dance form dates back centuries and was originally performed to mark the celebration of the harvest season. Over the years, Bhangra dancing has become more popular and is performed on every special occasion. The Bhangra dance form is becoming increasingly popular amongst non-Punjabi and non-Indian circles and you can now find famous Bhangra dancers performing at parties across the UK.

Bhangra is performed to the beat of a single hand held drum called the “dhol” and has folk music to accompany it with songs sung in Punjabi lyrics. The Dhol is usually accompanied with a single stringed instrument known as ‘Iktar’. The powerful drumming and the vigorous dance displays of the Bhangra dancers, which include virile jumps, are a sight to behold. Male Bhangra dancers wear traditional Indian Punjabi suits with an attractive turban on their heads while the women are dressed in Salwar Kameez. Bhangra fever is catching on fast and people the world over have now begun inviting famous Bhangra dancers to perform at parties and events.

Laghan is one of the most reputed entertainment service providers in the UK. Their Bhangra dancers have delivered wonderful performances at traditional Indian weddings and more contemporary corporate parties. There are many famous Bhangra dancers associated with Laghan who have been producing explosive stage performances for many years. Laghan has a reputation for exhibiting electrifying dance performances and the colourful costumes and backgrounds only add to the entertainment value of these professional Bhangra dancers.

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> Bollywood Dancers in London
Our Bollywood Dancers have seen a sharp rise in Corporate Bookings for Bollywood Dancers in London. Bollywood Dancers are a popular choice for Bollywood Themed Entertainment Bollywood Dancers are an exciting and vibrant visual show for guests, that can be appreciated by a wide audience. We book out Bollywood Dancers as a duo, trio, group of 4 or group of 6. Our Bollywood Dancers will perform for 2 x 15 mins sets or 1 x 30 mins, in addition they can offer a workshop.
Live Asian and Punjabi music, Bollywood music, Asian brass band and Asian classical music entertainment provided by Laghan UK.

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