Laghan Entertainment provided us with impressive service at our wedding reception. Laghan Entertainment were professional in every way and if anyone is thinking of using Laghan, mark our words, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Laghan for making our evening one to remember!

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Now Colour Uk In The Colour Of Your Wedding Henna

Mehndi is one of the most important ingredient in the beauty make up of almost every Asian bride and so is the Mehndi night in almost every Asian wedding. However, many of the Asian brides residing and getting married in western countries like US, UK or Canada miss the opportunity of including this ingredient both in beauty and the wedding; since henna artists are so rarely found in these countries. This leaves a feeling of incompleteness both in their wedding and thereafter in their memories forever.

Difficulty in finding a henna artist for the mehndi night has been the greatest in UK. However, a solution to this problem has come in the form of Asian wedding entertainment companies.Asian wedding entertainment companies are coming up rapidly in UK to provide all those traditional wedding services which the Asians residing there cannot get other wise. This also includes providing mehndi as a part of bridal make-up and ceremonial mehndi night. Now be it in any part of UK, Asian brides can look exactly like an Asian bride because of these companies and keep with themselves, the memories of a typically traditional wedding forever.

These Asian wedding entertainment companies have made having Mehndi nights in UK not only possible but also very easy. All one has to do is to book with any of the Asian wedding entertainment company for it\'s mehndi services and wait for them to come and deliver the same at their place on the d-day. While for bridal make up they have the most expert henna artists, for the mehndi nightthey have exquisite decoirs to give a perfect ambience and expert singers and dancers to give memorable live cultural performances.

These companies usually offer their mehndi night services in the form of packages which include different combination of services at different prices. This gives an added advantage of variety to the customers. The customers are not forced to avail all the services provided by the companies but instead given a choice to choose the services according to their need and budget.

In short, now it has become very easy for an Asian bride to colour her wedding in the beautiful colour of henna by having the most memorable mehndi night for a rocking mehndi party even in UK.

For having the most expert henna artists, exquisite decoirs and most professional singers and dancers for your mehndi night, you may log on to and avail the best mehndi services at most reasonable price available in UK.

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> Mehndi Party

A Mehndi party is a party that is held before an Indian wedding ceremony. Mehndi parties are usually held at the family home of the bride in the week leading up to the actual wedding ceremony and are attended by close friends and relatives who apply Mehndi or Henna to the bride’s body. It is considered highly auspicious to adorn the hands and feet of a bride with Mehndi and traditionally the grooms name is written on the palm of the bride’s hand.

The Mehndi ritual is a fun and lively celebration and there is usually a special feast prepared especially for the occasion. Although Mehndi parties are thrown across all regions of India the style and manner of the celebration often varies across different regions according to their own customs and traditions. In the past, Mehndi parties were only attended by women, and female relatives and friends of the bride will dance to music and play the dholak. Nowadays, Mehndi parties are no longer considered a private affair and have become lavish and elaborate celebrations that are attended by both men and women.

Irrespective of age or gender, a Mehndi Party is a hugely popular event and is usually a large celebration which has led to modern parties being held in banquet halls rather than the bride’s family home. Many modern families now also employ a wedding planner who will organise all aspects of the wedding including the Mehndi party.

Laghan Entertainment is the premier provider of Asian entertainment services to the UK. We have years of experience of organising Indian theme weddings and Asian theme wedding parties including Mehndi parties. We offer a wide range of packages for the Mehndi party.

Mehndi Packages offered by Laghan

  • Bronze Package:

  • We provide everything that is required to create the perfect settings for the Mehndi party including colourful umbrellas, silky bed linen and much more.

  • Silver package:

  • It includes all the features of the bronze package and in addition provides for Mehndi artists for the bride and her guests.

  • Gold package:

  • As well as all of the features of silver package, it makes provision for live entertainment as well.

  • Platinum Package:

  • Includes the entire gold package with Bollywood dancers as an additional attraction.

  • Ultimate Package:

  • All the features of platinum package and a large chocolate fountain with 6 unlimited dips.

    For more information on a Mehndi party, Indian Bollywood themed events and Dhol players in the UK, log onto our website

    > The Best Mehndi Party Organiser in the UK

    A Mehndi party or Henna party holds lot of importance for Indian weddings and is held in the bride’s home, the night before the wedding. It is one of the prime pre-wedding ceremonies that take place in most Indian weddings. It is a fun party where Mehndi artists draw beautiful patterns on the hands and feet of the bride as well as her close friends and relatives using Henna mehndi. While the application of mehndi is being done, women entertain the guests with song and dance and set the perfect mood for celebration. The whole atmosphere becomes so vibrant that everyone gets actively involved in the dancing and singing activities.

    Laghan is a premier entertainment service provider in the UK. We at Laghan, have professional mehndi artists who are very creative in their designs and meticulous in their application. We also offer a wide range of entertainment activities for Mehndi parties and provide you with all the necessary arrangements including the perfect backdrop settings. We at Laghan offer varied packages to suit the needs of our customers. There is a package for every taste and budget. Our bronze package provides every embellishment you need, to adorn your room for this special occasion. It comprises of exquisitely designed cushions, canopies and table covers. Laghan believes in presenting a regal look for your guests.

    The silver package we have on offer is guaranteed to put your guests in the party mood. This package provides the fabulous background settings and clear lighting which will give a stunning look to your room. As a part of this package our Henna artists not just decorate the hands of the bride with Mehndi, but also beautify the hands of other female guests as well. Laghan’s gold package provides live entertainment as well. A singer performs to the accompaniment of the Sitar and Tabla. The live performances delivered by our performers have been widely appreciated. Our Platinum package has the same set of features with an extra addition. In this package, our performers dance to the tunes of hit Bollywood numbers. They also invite the guests to join them and celebrate the Mehndi party. Our ultimate package offers a huge chocolate fountain with six unlimited dips.

    For more detailed information on Mehndi Parties, log onto our website

    > Planning a Mehndi Party
    PLANNING THE MEHNDI PARTY The Mehndi party is held the night before the wedding. Traditionally, it is held in the home of the bride and only includes women from the bride\'s side. It is a fun and relaxing evening for the bride to spend with her closest friends and relatives. The evening is spent applying mehndi (henna) designs to the bride\'s hands, feet and anywhere else! Friends and family may also have some mehndi. While applications are being done their may be music, dance and other entertainment for the guests. Preparation The Bride\'s family usually hosts and pays for this event. They may wish to hire a professional to apply the Mehndi / Mehendi. If there are a large number of guests, it is a good idea to have more than one person applying the mehndi. As well, the bride\'s family may wish to prepare or cater a few dishes or snacks for the guests, to choose some music or entertainment and to have ready gifts or trinkets to hand out at the end of the evening. Ideas & Tips The Mehndi should be a relaxing evening. Here\'s how to keep it stress-free: Try to have all the wedding preparations complete for the next day. That way, everyone will be able to focus on each other and enjoy the festivities. Those who are getting mehndi (especially the bride) might wear clothing that is easy to remove without ruining the designs. Choose some designs ahead of time and show them to the person who is applying your mehandi. Select a design that suits your taste! Make it as simple or heavy as you desire and match it to the cut of your outfits. For example, if your blouse has a deep back, apply a motif on your upper back. In addition to your hands and feet, mehndi may be applied on your arms, back or wrists. Be creative!
    Live Asian and Punjabi music, Bollywood music, Asian brass band and Asian classical music entertainment provided by Laghan UK.

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