Laghan Entertainment provided us with impressive service at our wedding reception. Laghan Entertainment were professional in every way and if anyone is thinking of using Laghan, mark our words, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Laghan for making our evening one to remember!

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Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi Night Singer with Dholki

Our Female Dholki Players and Singers are perfect for a Ladies Sangeet or a Mehndi Night.  They sing traditional boliyan whilst playing the dholki.  The dholki is a small drum, similiar to a dhol, creating a similar sound.


They create a fun atmosphere, where your guests can also join in with the singing.


Sample Music

Sangeet ceremony as the name suggests is all about dance and music. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding and is exclusively for women. This is the night the ladies can really let their hair down before the stress of the wedding.

Sangeet ceremony is held few days before mehndi ceremony and comes as a time for joy and merriment amidst the hectic hustling bustling activities before marriage.

Traditional the family of the bride invites female relatives and associates for Ladies sangeet, wherein all of them sing folk songs dedicated to marriage and bride. It is accompanied by Dholak and spoon, for the tune and beat.

Amidst celebration, ladies, crack jokes, tease the bride, merrily reminisce their youthful days and bless the girl for a prosperous married life. The environment quite often becomes emotional as the bride and her mother experience the pangs of separation from each other. After all the dance and singing is done. Women enjoy themselves to the fullest.

These days the grooms family will also host a ladies sangeet prior to the wedding, where traditional boliyan relating to the grooms side are sang.

Ladies Sangeet is a vital part of traditional pre-wedding celebrations in Indian and Pakistani culture. Traditional songs are sung to stir the emotions (joy, sadness and laughter) of the participating families and friends. Nowadays it is common for the grooms family as well as the brides family to enjoy these evenings. Indeed it is also now common for men and boys to be invited on such occasions, although the singing is still generally left to the ladies and girls. Our world class singer will perform traditional Punjabi folk songs as well as some Ghazals, Qawali and Hindi songs if requested. All that we request is that you sing, clap and dance along whenever the mood takes you. If any friends or family members also wish to take the microphone and sing there favorite songs it will make the evening even more memorable. We can provide the microphones and sound system as well as Tabla and Dholki players.

Some of the songs we perform include the following (please note that many of the Punjabi folk songs below were sung before partition and are equally relevant to Pakistani and Indian clients).

FOLK Meri rangli madhaani bahva goria Matthe te chamkan wal mere banre de Ni aj koi jogi aave Aaya larriye ni tera sihriya vala viahvan aaya Apne chubare te main khedan geetiya Kut kut bajra main kothey uttey pauni aan Chitta Kukkar banere te,kashni dupatte valie Mele chaliyan te lai ke aavi choodian Kehnde ne naina tere kol rehna Sanu nehar vale pul te bula ke Chaandi raaten Sada chiryaan da chamba ve Sooye ve cheere waliya main kehni aan Madhanian hai o mere dhadhia rabba Mehndi ni mehndi Aj di dihari rakh Batti baal ke banere utte rakhni aan Gori diyan jhanjhran bulaundia gaiya Eidhar kankan odhar kankan vich kankan de boor pia Bajre da sitta ve asan tali te maroria Jind mahi bajh tere kumlai aan Kala doria Kurti meri cheent di Kala shah kala Ni main kattan pareetan naal charkha chanan da latthe di chadar Piche piche aunda Jutti kasoori pairi na poori Ambarsare diyan barian va main khaandi na Dhola dhola ve dhola Bapu ve ad huni aan Ni munda aa gia navan patvari Boohe bariyan te nale kandan tap ke Tu mera banka laal Ihna akhiyan ch pavan kive kajla ve Ni ek meri akhh kashni FILMI Mere haatho main nau nau Bahut piyar karte hain Dulhan si saji dharti Mehndi laga ke rakhna Jo meri rooh ko Tumhari mehfil main aa gai hain Savan ka mahina Chaudhvi ka chaand ho Do dil mil rahe hain QAWALI Kinna sohna tainu rabb ne banaiya Nit khair mangan sohnia main teri GHAZALS Ye daulat bhi le lo Hoton se chu lo tum CLASSICAL RAAGS Jog Yaman Pooriya Dhanashri


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