Laghan Entertainment provided us with impressive service at our wedding reception. Laghan Entertainment were professional in every way and if anyone is thinking of using Laghan, mark our words, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Laghan for making our evening one to remember!

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Sikh Wedding

Punjab Comes To Your Doorstep On Your Wedding

The grandeur and exuberance involved in a typically traditional Sikh wedding is unparalleled amongst all the cultures. This is because they reflect the unparalleled prosperity and liveliness that sikhs and their culture possess. And they are so important in a Sikh weddingthat no matter whichever part of the world a Sikh resides, he wants every wedding in his family to be marked by these qualities.

However, Sikhs residing in western countries, especially UK, miss on many of the requisites that help to hold a typically Sikh wedding. They either miss on arranging the traditional food caterers or the traditional bhangra dancers or the dhol players or everything altogether. Ultimately they have to end up with a wedding in a way they had never wanted.

For all such Sikh families of UK, who have till now missed on having a fully traditional, exuberantSikh wedding, here comes the Laghan Entertainment. Set up by a group of professional experts in wedding entertainment industry, Laghan Entertainment is a specialist in arranging typically IndianSikh weddings. We are aware of every minute detail about a typically traditional sikh wedding; ranging from its traditional food to traditional music and dance to the traditional make up needs. Hence, we have with us experts to provide the best of all these services to our customers. Whether you want traditional chicken delicacies or the traditional bhangra dancers and dhol players or expert make up and henna artists; you name them and we have them.

In addition to this, we also help to organise Mehndi nights in the typically Punjabi wedding style. We provide expert henna artists for the mehndi ceremony, exquisite decoirs for the ambience, and expert singers and dancers for live performances along with full-fledged catering services for the occasion.

For giving the Punjabi weddings a little more touch of grandeur and exuberance, we also provide magicians, singers and dancers for entertainment and Chocolate fountains with dips of gulab jamuns for the reception.

And everything at a cost which is so low that you, yourself, would want to spend more since its the most special day of your life.
Live Asian and Punjabi music, Bollywood music, Asian brass band and Asian classical music entertainment provided by Laghan UK.

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